Race course download available only for registered racers. 




*** On this route you will go through many Gates, the whole length of the race, to preserve the longevity of this race, and respect for the landowners, please close ALL gates behind you!


Course Towns including Lodging, Food, and Other Information

Iron Lake , SD - (MILE 22)

General Store 0pen 8am to 8pm public facilities


Lead, SD - (Mile 57 )

Hotel: BlackStone Lodge and Suites ( 24 hours ) 605-584-2000

Lynns Dakota Mart (Mile   ) from Beulah Mon. – Sun. 7 am – 9 pm.

Approximately a mile away from the Mickelson Trail Head.


You must purchase a Trail Pass $4.00 (Cash Only)

Your about 47 miles from Hill City.

Water, Bathroom, Picnic shelter on trail at ( Mile   )


Rochford, SD - ( 79 Mile   )

Water, Vault Toilet, Picnic Shelter ( Mile 56.3 )

Water, Vault Toilet, Picnic Shelter ( Mile 64.12 )

Water, Vault Toilet, Picnic Shelter ( Mile 71 )


High Country Guest Ranch, 605-574-9003

RIGHT OFF of Mickelson Trail

12138 Ray Smith Dr. John & Barbara Marshak, great people

This is also the Start of the 3+ Mile Decent into Hill City


Hill City, SD - (101 Mile )

Black Hills Trailside Park, Hill City 605-574-9079, 855-324-2462 campsites & Lodge24024 US HWY 16/385

Super 8 Motel, 605-574-4141

109 Main St.

Rabbit Bicycle Shop& Repair,  605- 574-4302Joey Bond

175 Walnut Ave. , Hill City


*Important* - Enter the Centennial Trail at ( Mile   )

Wrinkled Rock State FREE Campsites near Mt. Rushmore:  Primitive W/ Vault Toilets , NO water ( Mile   )


MT. Rushmore - (111 Mile   )

You need to have someonetake a picture of you in front of Mt. Rushmore preferably with your bike, and post it on Facebook and tag it Tina-Joe Stiller with your mileage.

AFTER Mt. Rushmore you will climb up the Pig tail HWY, the road can be very an has tunnels Be smart. After you will descend on gravel roads to Hermosa.


Hermosa, SD - (Mile 137)

Heartland RV Park, 605-255-5460, with Cabins, tent spots,  swimming pool, WI FI** Call ahead if you want a cabin with AC. 

There is a Flying J truck stop up the road open 24 /7.  We have camped in the ditch next to the truck stop for free.

*Important*  - Riding from Hermosa to Wall or Philip / Lake Waggner leave Hermosa as early as possible. Sun should be up by 4:30am. Carry more water and supplies than you think you need.

We had 4 - 25 oz. insultated water bottles and a 70 ozcamelback all filled with ice and topped off with water.

*Important* - Water Spiket ( Mile 193   ) 57 mile outside of Hermosa

Make sure you turn it off, not a public water source.

Badlands Entrance - (196 Mile   )

Badlands – Sage Creek Campground 1.2 miles off the Sage Creek Road, primitive.


Sage Creek Camp Ground - ( 197 mile)

No water or Electric

Wall Drug, SD - (Mile 217 )

*Important* - Busy time of year. Call ahead for any reservations.

Arrow Campground, 605-279-2112 - $24.00

Sleepy Hollow RV Park, 605-279-2100

Lots of motels 

When leaving Wall Drug, if planning on making the whole trek from Hermosa to Philip/ Lake Waggoner leave well supplied ALWAYS!


Silent Guide on Stone Man Hill - (Mile   )

Historical marker. 8 miles to Philip.


Philip, SD - (260 Mile)

Subway open Mon – Sat. 6 am – 9 pm. / Sun 8 am. – 8 pm.

Convience Store open 24 hours

Philip Steakhouse , downtown 605-859-2774 good food

Coyles Super Value Mon- Sat 7 am- 7 pm Sun 10 -2

Before heading from Philip to the campground for the night, have all your supplies ready for the next day


Lake Waggoner Country Club - ( 262 Mile   )

Sun should be up by 4:30am. Carry more water / supplies than you think you need

2.7 miles from Subway and Convenience Store

Showers, tent spots some with electric  

Best to call ahead may close at 6pm. or 8 pm

Phone: 605-859-2211 


Outtumwa - ( Mile    )

The Flom Farm, If you go to the door and ask for water they may allow you to fill your bottles , if nobody answers

DO NOT fill up!  This is WEST river SD They will shoot first and ask later!  This is NO joke!

You have a long & Hot 45 miles to Fort Pierre

 ( Mile   )  Prairie dog fields , don’t pet the prairie dogs for they carry the plague,, hahaha


Fort Pierre, SD Checkpoint # 1 - FINISH of Sprint Race ( 335 Mile    )

Open from July 22 , Closes July 27 10:00 A.M. 2018

Sponsored By : Kokopelli Packrafts

Oahe Downstream State Park, 605-223-7722

Free for racers, Campground #2, sites 108E & 110E near beach.

This is a full service check point for racers!

There is laundry, restaurant , showers, and crystal clear water on the MO river.

Services we provide for the racers: shuttle to Pierre or Fort Pierre to eat, shop or bike repairs.  You are responsible for contacting the bike shop, if their services are needed. Your welcome to stay here as long as this ckeckpoint is open.

Immediately after you cross the river in the morning to Pierre there will be lots of places for you to resupply for the next leg of your adventure!


Blunt, SD - ( Mile   )  

Load up on Supplies!!!  You have 101 miles with NO Public water!! There will be ranches along the way , but it will be sparce.  If your running low on supplies, dont wait until you run out! Plan ahead!  Most ranchers have been good to us in this area.  

Medicine Creek Gas Station 605-962-6221  Mon. – Sat. 6am.-10

 Sun. 6- 9pm.


Wessington Springs, SD - ( Mile   ) 

Load Up on Supplies

City Park Tent & RV hookups with showers, 605-539-1691 $10 tent/ $15 w/ Elect. Free City Swimming pool adjacent to campground.

Nice Ice Cream/ Food establishment across from this park. Cone Zone: Mon. – Sun. 1 – 9 pm.

Hummdinger Gas station 5:30 am – 10 pm.

Travelers Motel, 605-539-1440

320 Main St. E.

Spartan Suites, 605-461-8586

Downtown Wess. Springs



Letcher ( Miles   ) 

Buckshots Roadhousefood & gas station , 605-248-2676M –Sat.  7 am – 7 or 8 pm.  Sun closed

CALL AHEAD Contact Palace City Pedalers:  John& Marci 605-999-1523so they know your coming ( Spot Trackers are not fool proof! ) for the Corn Palace picture.

*Important* Garmin (glitch) says turn right( Mile    ) but go straight turn left on244th street.


Mitchell, SD Checkpoint #2  ( Miles 550     )

Closes 10:00 A.M.  July 31 2018

You need to have someone take a picture of you in front of the CORN PALACE preferably with your bike, and post it on Facebook and tag it Tina-Joe Stiller with your mileage.

Lake Mitchell Campsite, 605-995-8457

Tent /Electricity $18.00

Tent $16.50

Many Hotels / restaurant’s available.

Contact Palace City Pedalers:  John& Marci 605-999-1523

*** Rons Bicycle & Locksmith Shop, 723 South Sanborn Blvd.: can call Cody 24 hours / Day 605-299-4741 Call ahead if you need a part ( a day or 2 at least )

** Must take a picture in front of the Mitchell Corn Palace and call the Bike club Palace City Pedalers to get picture and 2nd stage finishers metal.


Viborg, SD ( Miles     ) 

Highly recommended to stay here!!

Community Park or Community Center / Showers, Camp Free

Contact:  Lynn & Gloria Peterson605-940-5271


Centerville, SD ( Miles     )

Peder Larsen Park, NE Section of town camping pad W/ Elect.

City Hall 605-563 2302

Gunderson Park NW. Section of town primitive camping


Beresford, SD (Miles    ) 

south of Beresford..

Union Grove State Park, 605-987-2263

30828 471st. Ave.


Elk Point, SD (Miles   ) 2 miles off route,

Campground, Harrison St.

Home Town Inn, 605-356-2667

909 W. Main Street


North Sioux City, Iowa , Checkpoint #3 Finish ( Mile 739.4 )

Country Store/ Dairy / Queen / Caseys   (Miles      ) Closes NOON27 July

 Hampton Inn, 605-232-9739

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